Our Successes

Hilcorp is just 25 years young and within this brief span we’ve enjoyed much success over the past two decades. Our reputation as “operator of choice” is a direct result of the way we do business...safely and responsibly. We create value within the communities in which we operate, provide local jobs, extend the life of legacy assets and efficiently capture needed energy resources that would otherwise be lost.

In fact, in the last five years alone Hilcorp has:

  • Completed over $6.0 billion of oil & gas property acquisitions
  • Invested more than $5.0 billion in development capital on our properties
  • Exponentially increased reserves & production

Our exceptional employees continue to drive our success. Hilcorp is the largest, privately-held exploration and production company in the U.S. We know our vision to become the premier private energy company in America will only come true through dedication and hard work. We have made the commitment and have the passion to do what it takes to develop our country’s resources to their full potential. Hilcorp is a company built on energy and will continue to earn success by challenging ourselves, rewarding our employees, being good corporate citizens and doing the right thing.