Hilcorp Strives for American Energy Independence

Founded in 1989, Hilcorp has always been a company built on energy. At Hilcorp, we create value by producing oil and gas from various domestic properties. In fact all of our operations are in the United States, a vast majority of which Hilcorp acquired from other companies.  Often times companies sell to us simply because their priorities have changed or bigger, more exciting opportunities become available.  That is where we come in… Hilcorp specializes in efficiently developing energy that would otherwise have been lost.

For decades, oil and gas companies have often represented both the leading customer and employer in small operating communities.  Over time, and for various reasons company investments in certain areas decline.  It’s that decline that leaves behind opportunity for Hilcorp to revive operations. When Hilcorp acquires properties, we recognize that increasing investment and developing resources to their full potential results in opportunities for our company and for surrounding businesses, families and communities. 

Hilcorp is a company dedicated to cultivating America’s natural resources. 

Our development of resources embraces both conventional and unconventional forms of domestic energy to heat and cool our homes.  For Hilcorp in Alaska, our business is about much more than adding to the bottom line.  Alaska’s Cook Inlet natural gas production is the main source for heat and electricity for South Central Alaska.  Hilcorp has a large role in making sure we keep the lights on and homes warm for thousands of Alaskan families. 

We also take pride in improving, supporting and developing our greatest assets, our employees. Overall, Hilcorp’s employees are motivated by being part of an organization that plays a role in making America energy-independent; operates responsibly in environmentally sensitive areas; and always puts safety before profit.