Rules of Play the Hilcorp Way: Inspiring Transparent Open-Book Management

Hilcorp is a company where the employees have the autonomy to make decisions, a place where all our employees can develop and grow a career in a field they are passionate about.  We are committed to unlocking energy for the betterment of our employees and our communities.  We are a place where the employees share in the success of the company.  At Hilcorp, we work together as a team; we focus intensely on a common goal and dedicate ourselves to the long-term. Simply put, we work hard, smart, accomplish our goals and share the reward for achieving our objectives. This is the Hilcorp Way.

The Hilcorp Way was built on the power of Open-Book Management.  It was originally introduced to our CEO by the The Great Game of Business seminar in 1995. Open-Book Management is now the cornerstone of our continued success.

Hilcorp believes in teaching employees to work like owners, to set goals that everyone can understand, and to reward every employee, regardless of their role, for their efforts in making the company successful.  For over 15 years, Hilcorp has operated with transparent Open-Book Management. 

The Open-Book Management principles are:

  • Know & Teach the Rules – Hilcorp educates employees to think of themselves as oil and gas business owners
  • Follow the Action & Keep Score – Hilcorp provides daily updates on company performance to all employees
  • Provide a Stake in the Outcome – Hilcorp rewards all employees when goals are achieved to inspire them to work like owners

In 2010, the Great Game of Business recognized Hilcorp with their Hall of Fame Award.  It’s awarded to companies who have successfully practiced the principles of transparent Open-Book Management for many years.