Hilcorp Giving Program

The Hilcorp Giving ProgramHilcorp’s philanthropy, while very powerful, is handled quite differently than most companies.  The majority of what we give back to the community comes from the Hilcorp Giving Program.

Through The Hilcorp Giving Program, we enable, support and encourage our employees to donate directly to schools, churches and other charitable causes in their communities.  This charitable program establishes an initial one-time contribution of $2,500, and in subsequent years, matches employee contributions $1 for $1 up to $2,000.  It allows employees to give to any domestic 501(c) 3 nonprofit of their choice.  Our employees recognize and appreciate Hilcorp’s generosity and commitment to give back to their operating communities and beyond.

Through the Hilcorp Giving Program employees have donated over $11 million to non-profit organizations across the country since 2008! This truly supports our core values of Alignment- “When Hilcorp Wins, We All Win” (including those we care about) and Integrity- “Do the Right Thing”

Religious   $5,120,579
Health   $1,377,590
Human Services   $2,217,954
Educational   $1,597,846
Public Benefits      $442,075
Environmental      $503,231
Arts      $176,287
International      $210,817
Grand Total:   $11,646,379