Hilcorp Helping Hands

Our employees care for one another and want to help each other just as a family would. The Hilcorp Helping Hands (HHH) program was initially organized by employees in our Houston office in 2005 after hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the homes of more than 60 co-workers in Louisiana.  The program provided housing, food and clothing to impacted employees.  HHH has since been formalized and is overseen by an employee committee comprised of representatives from each major division and is fully supported by our leadership team.  HHH provides a way to help Hilcorp employees who have encountered unusual, unexpected, long-term financial hardship such as:     

  • A death in the family     
  • Unusual medical expenses caused by severe illness or accident     
  • Uninsured losses caused by fire, crime, flood or other disasters   
  • An extraordinary circumstance that the HHH committee deems appropriate   

This program is fully funded through employee cash donations and payroll deductions, enabling the committee to have an account to disperse funds as needed.

A healthy percentage of employees contribute to this program through payroll deduction and we also held a Hilcorp Garage Sale of logo items in 2012 to fund the program. Eleven employees have been able to receive benefits through the program since it was formally launched in 2008.