Safety & The Environment

Innovation drives us to continually improve our processes and environmental performance.

Hilcorp integrates and applies environmental values into our day to day operations. We know that operating safely and responsibly is the only way to sustain our business and strengthen our communities.  Our employees take pride in operating in a safe and environmentally responsible way.  Our operations personnel and contractors strive to work safely while being respectful of our neighbors and the environment.

Integrity guides us to always do the right thing.


Josh Picou

“As a boy my parents always taught me, that when you borrow or use something that is not yours you should always return it in the same shape or better than the way you found it.  The oil fields which we operate are not ours they belong to the people who live in the community, and long after the oil has run dry, they will be the ones there to appreciate it. We often acquire fields that have been neglected and employees that feel the same way. Then when Hilcorp takes over we breathe new life back into the fields and the personnel. We give them hope and a purpose. We also reach out to the community by employing their loved ones, offering scholarships, and contributing to charities. I believe that is our greater purpose, to operate with a sense of ownership, not just of our great company but also of the communities in which we operate.

Joshua, Reservoir Engineer, Louisiana